Baby Teethers Baby Bedside Bell Set Carousel

Baby Teethers Baby Bedside Bell Set Carousel

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A beautiful and colorful carousel above the cot with a music box. It has 100 lullabies, nature sounds, and other calming melodies. On the carousel are attached animals – rattles. Your baby lying in the crib can touch them, thanks to which he will put them in motion, which will give your baby great fun and aid his development.

The monkey has a battery compartment and a bottle-shaped button that releases calming melodies. Colorful toys suspended on the carousel are conducive to falling asleep and make your baby’s time more enjoyable.

Let your child recognize the shape of the object by touching it, which helps to train the coordination of hands and eyes, as well as the ability to capture and hold. The carousel supports development, and the rich colors increase the baby’s perception of colors.

Carousel figures can be dismantled and used as separate toys. Animals can act as rattles or teethers.

The carousel has a solid clasp to the cradle or trolley. The screw allows you to firmly tighten the object to the edge of the bed. The maximum thickness of the handrail that will fit into the holder is 3.8 cm.

The product can be disinfected by boiling, heating in a microwave oven or by steam sterilization.

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Product Description

Baby Teethers Baby Bedside Bell Set Carousel
100 different sounds
The hanging toys can be used as rattles or teethers
Fascination light show projection with sweet music/sounds
Develop’s the flexibility of your child’s hands
Increases the baby’s perception of colors
Increases baby’s recognition of sounds
Develops baby’s coordination
Arouses baby’s imagination
Made of Eco-friendly plastic Material

Product Name: Baby Teethers Baby Bedside Bell Set
Brand: iBaby
Model No: BM5016-1
Material: Plastic
Suggested age: From birth
Height (cm): 51 cm
Width (cm): 50 cm

Package Includes
1 x Monkey (Music Box)
4 x Toys (Rattles)
1 x Yellow Giraffe Stand
2 x Green Bars

Note: Specifications and Contents may vary from illustrations.

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