Aluminium Foil Splatter Guard for Gas Stove

Aluminium Foil Splatter Guard for Gas Stove

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After frying, you have to clean your kitchen wall and counter because the oil splashes everywhere.This is a situation almost every cook has been through. Now with our Aluminium Foil Splatter Guard, you can deal with this problem. You can put the aluminum foil splatter guard around your stove and be worry free about oil splashing everywhere.


Product Description


Prevent Splashing: Hot oil splashing during cooking, the Splatter Guard aims to preventing cooking surfaces and walls from being stained with oil
Three Panels: The convenient aluminum shield has three hinged panels that adjust to fit your burner or pan
Easy to Store: foldable design, folds flat for compact storage
Easy to Clean: aluminum material, soft and easy to shape, easy to clean, a clean wipe
The splatter screen helps eliminate burns, messy clean-up and ideal for protecting walls while using mixer.
Oil-splash guard, can prevent oil splashing and protect your surroundings from the heat.
Heat resistant, protects your surrounding wall and kitchen appliances.
Foldable in different shapes to meet different needs, can be folded in ‘same’ or ‘L shape’ and can be folded for storage after use.


Item: Aluminium Foil Splatter Guard for Gas Stove
Color: As shown
Material: Aluminum
Size: 84 * 32.5 cm (approx.)
Weight: 70g (approx.)

Package Includes: 1 x Aluminium Foil Splatter Guard for Gas Stove

Note: Please check the dimensions of your cooker to know how many splatter guards you would require.

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