Osenjie Professional Facial Steamer

Rs6,100.00 Rs3,950.00

Masal mask and facial steamer

Air-hole for breathing

Easy to switch

Constant-temperature heating

Rapid fog-emitting

Face cleaning



Fits men & women


Product Description

It can replenish the missing face moisture effectively

Maintain the balance of moisture on the skin

Reduce wrinkles and make the skin soft, damp, and elastic

Can erase hair follicles and drain pores, fat, dust, etc..

Can kill Propionibacterium acnes effectively and prevent and cure acne

Promotes face blood circulation and skin metabolism, sent the nutrients to the inside of the skin cells through small blood vessels, and make the skin smooth, moist, tender, and pink

May also delay aging skin of the face

Can relieve cold and symptoms of rhinitis, have therapeutic effects on the eye/ear, nose, pharyngitis/keratitis/tracheitis

Add spices and essential oils to steam, then you can enjoy sauna aromatherapy at home

Power: 150 W

Additional Information

Weight 1 g