Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler - Set of 2 (As seen on TV)

Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler – Set of 2 (As seen on TV)

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Prevent Dangerous Distractions, keep your eyes on the road, and never search under your seats again!

What’s in YOUR crack?

The Drop Stop prevents keys, phones, change, jewelry, makeup, bottle caps, pens, gum, and more from falling down the car seat gap. Use it or lose it.

NO MATTER WHAT COLOR YOUR CAR’S INTERIOR, the gap between the center console and front seat naturally creates a dark shadow. Drop Stop’s universal black neoprene casing is a completely streamlined gap blocker, almost invisible once you install it. You won’t even know it’s there until it Stops the Drop!

Drop Stop can be squished and stretched to fit in any size car seat crack (from as tiny as 1/4 inch to 3.5 inches wide). . . making it the perfect gap filler!

More than just a stuff catcher, Drop Stop set of 2 neoprene car seat gap fillers makes the perfect gift — THE GIFT OF SAFETY — be it the holidays or any time of year.

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Product Description

Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler - Set of 2 (As seen on TV)
Easily fits between your car seat and console
Moves with the seat and is attached via the seat belt catch
Prevents anything from falling down The Carmuda Triangle
Save CA$H in a Flash
ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Trucks And Cars!
One Time Installation – You put it in and forget about it!
Drop Stop is made using HIGH GRADE NEOPRENE
Drop Stop seat wedge is durable and easy to clean!

Item: Seat Gap Filler (Set of 2)
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 2.6 x 18 x 5.1 inches
Weight: 28.4g
Package Includes: 2 x Seat Gap Fillers (1 for the driver side and 1 for the passenger side)

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