Handheld Garment and Facial Steamer (RZ 608)

Handheld Garment and Facial Steamer (RZ 608)

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The RZ608 Garment & Facial Steamer can be used for steaming clothes before ironing and can also be used by individual/family to steam your face. 2 in 1 Garment & Facial Portable Travel Steamer offers excellent results for face and fabrics. It’s gentle on clothes than regular ironing. It gives non-stop hands-free steam to revive fragile fabrics without burning or crushing them. This travel fabric steamer has a 200ml easy-to-fill water tank and delivers up to 15 minutes of continuous steam. It takes 2 minutes to completely heat up.


Product Description

Hang the clothes and use the garment steamer
Does no harm to the clothes
Continuous steaming
Rapid creation of steam in 100 °C and high pressure.
Reduces wrinkles, removes dust, sterilizes and disinfects your face by use of high temperature steam.
Humidifies and helps care for your face using steam.
Convenient to carry since its light weight.
Built-in visible water level tank.
Transparent water tank
Indicator light

Item: Handheld Garment & Facial Steamer
Model No: RZ-608
Material: ABS
Rated Voltage: 220-240V / 50-60Hz
Rated Power: 750W (Ironing) / 375W (Facial Steaming)
Water Tank Capacity: 200ml
Colours Available: White, Pink
Product size: 170 * 215 * 100 mm

Add water into the container (Note: the water should not exceed the max level 200ml)
Connect the power supply, and switch to either Steam Garment or Steam Face; and the Red indicator light will ON
The steamer will take around 2 minutes to heat up
After that can you can start ironing clothes (Note: when ironing the clothes, you must hold the steamer vertically, and move it upward and downward repeatedly on the cloth)
Note: After the water is used up, wait for around 15 minutes to cool down the device, and then add the cold water (the water should not exceed the max level)

1. When ironing clothes please do not whip up and down quickly, to avoid scalding by hot water.
2. To ensure safety while steaming the face, please maintain a distance of at least 30cm between face and steam outlet.
3. After usage, please pour out the leftover water.
4. Do not leave on without water.

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Pink, White


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