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Meijiale Multi-Function Manual Food Processor


With four spinning sharp blades, this manual food processor can deliver anything from a coarse chop down to a smooth puree. It is spun clockwise for a fine cut and anti-clockwise for the coarse chop.The transparent body comes in handy as you could keep track of the contents being chopped.


Product Description


Easy way to chop, mix, blend and puree vegetables, boneless meats or herbs
Four sharp steel blades to chop anything from coarse to fine
Clockwise movement for a fine cut and anti-clockwise for the coarse chop
Transparent container makes it easy to view the content
Handles detach for easy storage
Non slip base stays in place while you process


Brand: Meijiale
Product Name: Manual Food Processor
Number of Blade: 4
Material: Polypropylene Plastic, High quality Steel
Weight: 400 g


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