Yoga Ball / Exercise Ball- 65cm

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The Yoga exercise ball is a very simple exercise equipment which is safe and effective to train your abdominal and strengthen the lower back of your body. The Yoga Ball is ideal for stretching and flexibility exercises to provide a total body workout and develop balance capacity and coordination as well as shaping your body figure.
The Yoga Exercise Ball is also portable and easy to clean. It is made of PVC and available in an assortment of colors. And suitable for use by people of all ages.


Product Description

Anti-Slip Surface
Easy to Clean
Burst Resistant
Perfect for stretching and flexibility exercises
An excellent way to train your abdominal area
Can be used for Yoga and Pilates
Develops balance and coordination

Item: Yoga Exercise Ball
Material: PVC Material
Size (Diameter): 65cm
Weight (while deflated): 800g
Colors: Silver, Red, Blue, Purple, Green

Note: Yoga exercise ball comes in deflated form. Therefore, it will have to be inflated by the user before use.

Additional Information


Green, Purple, Red, Silver, Blue


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