30W Indoor Electric Pest Killer


Free your homes of disease-carrying mosquitoes and flies with the insect killer. The insect killer features an ultraviolet light that attracts the insect into its clutches after which it electrocutes the insect to death. It is much convenient to be used as it has no smell, poison or other elements that are hazardous to health.


Product Description

This 30 Watt Electronic Flying Insect Killer Repellents uses Ultra Violet light to lure light sensitive insects into an electronically charged metal net, destroying them quickly and hygienically. Dead insects are collected in the tray at the base of the Electronic Flying Insect Killer for easy cleaning.


Ideal for use in the home, food preparation areas, shops, factories, farms etc.
Insecticides or chemicals are not needed.
High in efficiency with low power consumption
Easy to install and clean as well as easy to replace bulbs.
Sturdy aluminium alloy casing which comes with a chain for hanging, this unit can be used freestanding or hanging.


Model No: GC2-30
Watt: 30 Watts
Input: AC220V-240V ~50Hz/60Hz
Number of UV Bulbs 2 x 15 watts
Chain for easy hanging

– Read the Instructions Carefully
– High Voltage
– Do not touch the Electric Net

Directions For Use (Please Read Instructions Carefully Before Use):

Flying insects are attracted to the ultra-violet tube, which is covered by a high voltage electric net. Upon contact with the net they are killed.
– Before cleaning the insect killer; it is very important to switch off the power supply.
– Do not insert any metal objects in the electric net.
– Clean the insect killer regularly.
– Do not immerse the insect killer in water for cleaning purposes.
– Do not let the insect killer get wet in the rain or in other ways.
– Keep the insect killer away from gas burners.
– Use a plastic brush to clean the electric net when necessary.

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