Cockroach trap

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This high performance cockroach trap is safe for both kids and pets, it is eco-friendly and reusable. It is specifically designed to trap cockroaches effectively without letting them leave once they come in. It has an excellent design and its appearance is alike Birds’ Nest.

This cockroach trap has four large entries to maximize the number of roaches to find their way in. Besides, it has a double stacked design with two layers of door access control. This ensures the roaches remain trapped in there, meaning they won’t die everywhere—carpet, cabinet, closet, drawer. Your house will always be clean and free of dead roaches.

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Product Description

Cost effective and durable
Easy to clean
Sanitary Cockroach Trap

Item: Cockroach Trap
Size: 18 cm x 16 cm x 5cm
Material: PP + ABS Plastic + Aluminium
Package Includes: 1 x Cockroach Trap

1. Remove the red safety hat
2. Remove the top cover
3. Lift the cage and place the bait
4. Set the trap in on a flat surface (preferable in a wet and dark place).
4. Once cockroaches are caught. Please dispose the cockroaches and clean the trap and re-use it.

Ways to dispose the cockroaches
1. Put the trap into the warm water to kill cockroaches
2. put the trap in outdoor exposure, until the cockroaches die of dehydration
3. Free the cockroaches into the wild

Special Instructions
1. To attract cockroaches, it is recommended to use food as bait such as bread, cereal, cookie crumbs, chocolate, oatmeal,chips etc.
2. Place the trap in cockroach infested places (preferable wet and dark places). Cockroaches will smell the bait and climb into the trap. Once cockroaches enter the trap, the trap mechanism ensures that they cannot leave the trap.
3. If you have set the trap and no cockroaches are caught for more than a week. Please change the bait or change the position of the trap.
4. Cockroaches are a gathered insect, therefore if you catch a cockroach please do not immediately dispose it as cockroach pheromones will attract more cockroaches into the trap.
5. Once the cockroaches are caught, do not open the trap without killing the cockroach as they will quickly escape. To kill the cockroaches please place the trap into hot water.
6. Please do not place the trap in places frequented by ants.

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