E-Queen Organic Latex Pillow

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Natural Latex Pillows are made from the highest quality 100% Pure Natural Latex and contain no memory foam, no synthetic latex or chemicals. The washable Organic Cotton pillow cover and unique body heat regulation Pin-Core Design allows you to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature all night long. These Standard Natural Latex Pillows are best suited for individuals who prefer softer latex pillows as they offer a supportive cradling effect which make them ideal for anyone suffering from neck and spinal pain.

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Product Description

Organic Latex Pillow
100% Sri Lankan Rubber Based
Made using 100% natural Sri Lankan latex foam
For Organic and Nature Lovers
Outstanding natural back support and comfort
Provides maximum airflow and excellent ventilation
No Harmful Chemicals
Comfort Guaranteed
Extra softness and long life
Antibacterial and anti-dust mite
Comfort Guaranteed
Can be machine washed and tumble dried

Item: E-Queen Organic Latex Pillow
Pillow Shape: Rectangle
Material: Latex Foam
Outer Cover: Cotton
Colour: White
Size: 74 x 43 x 12.5cm

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