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Enough stacking! start stowing your pots and pans neatly on a Pantree organizer and make your kitchen look a better place. This pan organizer is easy to assemble and compact in size. Designed with hooks and pan holder rings, you can hang pans vertically or store them upright while utilizing the minimum space on your counter top.


Product Description

The PanTree has three levels so you can store up to 4 pots, one on each level. 3 additional hooks can hang 2 pans each allowing for additional 6 more pans (or pots or woks) or use the hooks to hang towels or other miscellaneous items. Assemble in 5 minutes!
Can withstand a weight up to 30kg
Very Stable – Removing the bottom pot / pan will not cause the structure to fall over
Ideal Size – Can be placed in your kitchen cabinet to hide pots or pans or place it under your dish rack next to sink counter (it fits!)
Lets your expensive pots and pans last with proper storage

4 tier pot and pan tower
Sturdy silhouette
Snap on parts
Easy to assemble and no tools needed!
Cookware could be stored or removed
Slip resistant design
Saves space on the cabinet
Hooks to hold pans

Brand: Pantree
Product: Pan Organizer
Material: High density ABS plastic
Dimensions (LxW): 19 x 13inches
Number of pieces that could be stowed: 14
Number of pan holder hooks: 3 (Each hook holds 2 pans)

Package Contents: 1 x PanTree (Pans / Pots / Other Kitchenware are Not Included.)

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