Glass Oil / Vinegar Measuring Pot

Glass Oil / Vinegar Measuring Pot

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This Oil Measuring Pot lets you swiftly measure liquid ingredients before pouring! Ideal for Cooking Oil, Vinegar & Water!

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Product Description

Can be loaded with oil, vinegar, soy sauce, wine and other liquid spices
Simply push the silver button on the top of the bottle, and your oil or vinegar pumps into the measuring container for easy portioning
No need for a separate measuring cup
Easy to read graduated measurements on each side
Easy-pour spout tip – allows you to pour exactly where you want, evenly and without mess
Clear glass container – allows you to monitor levels and easily identify when you need a refill
Soft, silicone pump buttons – depress easily and consistently
Easy to clean

Item: Press & Measure Oil Vinegar Container Dispenser
Model No: WT-840
Material: Glass, AS, PP
Capacity: 600ml
Dimension: 10.7cm x 8cm x 19.2cm
Color: Green

Instructions for use

1. Unscrew the top cap and fill the pot with oil or any other liquid and put the cap back on.
2. Press the silicone button to fill the top compartment with the required amount of liquid.
3. After you have the required amount of liquid, directly pour it from the oil pot (no need to open the top cover).

Safety Precautions
1. Do not put hot oil directly into the pot, so as not to damage the pot
2. It is made of glass, therefore avoid collisions with heavy objects and do not drop it.
3. Do not keep it close to a burning stove as it may cause ruptures in the glass of the oil pot.
4. When cleaning the oil pot please do not use rough things (such as steel wool) so as not to scratch the oil pot.

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