Secret Hitler Board Game

Secret Hitler Board Game

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Secret Hitler is a social deduction game for 5-10 people about finding and stopping Hitler and a fascist takeover.

Players are secretly divided into two teams: the liberals, who have a majority, and the fascists, who are hidden to everyone but each other. If the liberals can learn to trust each other, they have enough votes to control the elections and save the day. But the fascists will say whatever it takes to get elected, advance their agenda, and win the game.

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Product Description

Secret Hitler Board Game
-A fast-paced game of deception and betrayal
-Beautiful wooden components
-Solid game boards with foil inlay
-Hidden roles and secret envelopes for five to ten players
– Suitable for Ages 17+
– Game time of 45 mins per game (approx.).

Secret Hitler is a dramatic game of political intrigue and betrayal set in 1930’s Germany. Players are secretly divided into two teams – liberals and fascists. Known only to each other, the fascists coordinate to sow distrust and install their cold-blooded leader. The liberals must find and stop the Secret Hitler before it’s too late.

Each round, players elect a President and a Chancellor who will work together to enact a law from a random deck. If the government passes a fascist law, players must try to figure out if they were betrayed or simply unlucky. Secret Hitler also features government powers that come into play as fascism advances. The fascists will use those powers to create chaos unless liberals can pull the nation back from the brink of war.Secret Hitler Board Game